Taylor Mills

Taylor Mills graduated in May 2017 from Hope College with a composite major called Moral Philosophy & Psychology, and with a minor in Spanish. Her composite major emphasized ethics and ethical inquiry through philosophical, cultural, and psychological means. Taylor studied abroad in Granada, Spain in Spring 2016 where she improved her Spanish and continued to pursue her love of music by joining a local choir.

Taylor currently serves as Lighthouse’s Community Coordinator. She is primarily in charge of community relations, communications, education, and events, including the Ottawa Welcomes initiative through the Allies, the Lighthouse video, the 2017 West Michigan Immigrant and Refugee Rights Summit, and Lighthouse’s first Donor Dinner.

In addition to her work at Lighthouse, Taylor also serves as the Post-Baccalaureate Digital Fellow for Hope College’s Mellon Scholars Program. During the summer she co-designed the year-long Mellon seminar syllabus and is currently co-teaching this seminar. Her other obligations include developing technology tutorials and mentoring Mellon students.

Taylor is also project manager and one of the co-founders of the Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities, a undergraduate-focused organization designed to advocate for and promote digital humanities scholarship from students across the globe. UNRH hosts an annual conference involving presentations, facilitated discussions, and technology workshops for accepted applicants.

Taylor is considering a dual degree JD/PhD in Philosophy for the Fall of 2018 in hopes of becoming an attorney concerned with education reform or immigration, or becoming a professor of philosophy and digital humanities.