Immigrant Allies

In December of 2016, the Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance, in partnership with several area nonprofits and advocacy agencies, launched the Allies Working for Social Justice and Environmental Progress. The Allies project is a collaborative community-wide effort to respond to instances of hate, bullying, discrimination, and injustice in West Michigan. Eight subgroups make up the whole of the Allies with each subgroup focusing on a different area of need: Immigrant Allies, Racial Equity, Women’s Issues, the LGBTQ community, Environmental Issues, Health Care for All, and Interfaith.  

The mission of Immigrant Allies serves as a platform for community-lead action is to create a more welcoming and inclusive West Michigan for all, regardless of immigration status. To achieve these goals, the Immigrant Allies are focusing on two main strategies: 1.) Establishing safe communities; and 2.) Enhancing communication with political leadership. Each one of these strategies has a variety of sub-strategies or projects described in more detail below. Immigrant Allies is realizing its goals through several initiatives:

Ottawa Welcomes Initiative

Citizenship Clinics

DACA Position Letter

To learn how to get involved with Immigrant Allies, attend a public meeting at 5:00PM in the Herrick Library every first Monday of each odd-numbered month, or complete the General Inquiry form, stating interest in receiving updates about Immigrant Allies.

General Inquiry Form