Our community presentations are a key element of our Education program. We offer presentations on a variety of topics such as Immigration 101, Know Your Rights, and Discrimination & Stereotyping of Immigrant Communities. If given enough advance notice, we are also eager to tailor presentations to fit your specific area of interest. We also make ourselves available for a variety of speaking engagements (e.g. sharing briefly about LIA at faith-based gatherings, giving a policy update at a committee meeting, etc.) Whether your church wants to learn about immigration as a congregation or your staff is looking for a professional development opportunity, we want to share our expertise with you and get to know your community!


  • Full-length presentations typically run between 60 and 120 minutes.
  • Because we want to fully honor the time and effort put into each presentation, we ask an honorarium of $200 for a presentation from our expert attorneys.
  • Due to our busy schedule, we cannot guarantee that we will accept all speaking engagements or presentations.