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Join Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates in our efforts to raise awareness for a welcoming culture in our community. Whether it’s your time, a donation, or the power of your voice in your local community, we encourage you to join our #WelcomeChallenge.

What is the #WelcomeChallenge? 

The #WelcomeChallenge originated in Germany in 2015 in efforts to generate mass donations and generosity towards refugees and asylees. Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates will be taking the torch to keep this challenge going. (How is LIA serving Afghan new arrivals? Read more here)

Here is how it works:

  1. Take a picture or record a video of you performing a welcoming action in your community
  2. Post it in your social media using the hashtags #WelcomeChallenge
  3. Tag 3 of your friends and Challenge them to take action!

Doing this will bring awareness to your community, while encouraging small acts of kindness that will help create a welcoming community as we say “welcome” to our neighbors from Afghanistan. 

Help us raise funds TODAY! 

Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates has been operating a legal clinic to serve an influx of newcomers from Afghanistan, serving their legal needs to achieve safety and stability. The clinic’s #1 need is interpretation services. $80 is the cost for 90 minutes of live interpretation from and to Pashto/Dari and English, the minimum length of time needed for a refugee legal services intake.

We are launching a limited-time only online store with “welcome” yard signs in English, Spanish, Lao, Pashto and Dari. Purchasing these signs, along with any other merchandise through the online store, will raise funds to cover the costs of interpretation services. When our community is filled with these signs, we will know we are making progress towards a welcoming culture in West Michigan.

Help us share this online store during the limited time (coming soon!) to raise funds, and create a welcoming culture in our community.


Where can I buy my sign?

You can buy your sign online at this link: link We also have a limited number of signs ready for purchase in person at our offices, stop by!

I can’t really display a sign anywhere – how else can I take the #WelcomeChallenge?

A shirt, sticker, or mug are other ways to share the Welcome message. While supplies last, we also have stickers, tumblers, and mugs with the same message:

100% of the proceeds from these items will help provide interpretation and legal services to all of LIA’s Afghan clients. We’re placing our total order once sales close, and all items will be ready for pickup at our offices shortly.

How much do Interpretation services cost?

$80-135 per intake client case.

Where can I pick up my merchandise?

Once sales have closed and items have arrived, we’ll let you know to pick up your welcoming items at our office at 735 Paw Paw Drive, Holland, MI 49424.

How is purchasing a sign part of the #WelcomeChallenge?

Every sign planted in our communities shows refugees and asylees that they are welcome in the languages they already know. It is a great way to challenge your neighborhood to join the #WelcomeChallenge!

What are other donation needs?

LIA exists to meet the gap in accessible, high-quality, and affordable legal needs of immigrants, refugees, and asylees across West Michigan. We share most pressing needs on our social media, email, and occasionally print mail.

To support the OAR Clinic, check this page for supplies we’re still seeking:

How can I receive more updates? 

Sign up for our email list, join us on social media, or send us an email!

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