As a small but growing non-profit, receiving the gift of volunteers’ time can increase our office’s capacity to serve the immigrant community. If you are passionate about supporting the West Michigan immigrant community, please consider sharing your time and skills in addition to your resources. See all open volunteer

The New Americans Legal Clinic has brought a variety of opportunities to serve hundreds of Afghan newcomers resettling across West Michigan since August 2021, and will continue through October 2022.

We are seeking volunteers to assist in the New Americans Legal Clinic, launching into its next phase on May 10th, 2022:

Schedule and Roles Needed Each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

8:30am – 1pm – Two Hospitality Volunteers

9am – 1pm – Five Application Assistants

Noon – 4:30pm – Two Hospitality Volunteers

Noon – 4:30pm – Five Pro Bono Attorneys (Trained via MIRC)

Throughout 2022, we are operating clinics in Holland and Grand Rapids locations. The buttons below lead to LIA’s VolunteerHub pages, where you’ll be asked to create an account and begin the training and onboarding process.

Please note: If you have volunteered with LIA’s OAR/NALC clinics since August 2021, you may already have an account.

The LIA team is currently in the process of contacting existing volunteers with their login information. New volunteers are invited to create an account, review the open shifts, sign up, and begin the training and orientation.

Last Updated April 12th, 2022

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities:

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Hospitality: greet clients as they arrive onsite at clinic locations, provide refreshments, explain the purpose of the clinic and what clients can expect, assist with collecting vital documents

Application Assistants prepare the first four pages of the Asylum Application, Form I-589, and several related documents during a four-hour appointment, scheduled in advance, and taking place in person from 9am-1pm, Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. Duties will also include organizing case files and vital documents, while interviewing clients to ensure that all information is accurate and up to date. Communication between clients and Application Assistants will be made possible by telephone interpretation. This is the ideal role for volunteers with previous trauma-practice and social work experience.

Pro Bono Attorneys with the ability and interest to serve during the NALC program will need to undergo training provided by the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center. At this time, scheduling and registration for these shifts are only available through MIRC. Please contact us at for more information.

  • Training for these roles includes cultural competency, trauma-informed interviewing, and confidentiality/conflict of interest. At this time, training consists of online videos and reading materials prepared by LIA, which are available for review at the NALC Volunteer Training Center page. Anyone is welcome to complete this training. Depending on the roles volunteers would like to serve in, additional modules for training may be required.
  • Groups of volunteers may serve during the same shift and location, dependent on client availability and demand. Through VolunteerHub, we are able to reserve slots for your group. This may be appealing to residents of Grand Rapids who might only be available on a day that the Holland Clinic is operating, or vice versa for commute reasons. Each volunteer in the group must complete the required training and orientation for the roles they are registered to serve in, and the group will be asked to sign an agreement for their planned volunteer sessions. For groups of volunteers, the NALC Program will require up to 2 Hospitality Volunteers and 5 Application Assistants. Please contact David directly to learn more at