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Since our founding, LIA has provided legal services to immigrants and refugees. We acknowledge the trauma being inflicted in many lives and stand by our commitment to work with immigrant and refugee families with the purpose of long-term stability. War and conflict drive suffering and family separation. We stand with the people of Ukraine who seek freedom and liberty, and with all people who deserve safety. 

Once again, we write with a simple, but difficult request.


do not look away. 

While acknowledging that violence and barbarism continue to exist in our world, we will never, ever accept them as a necessary part of our global lives. There are already calls to extend Temporary Protected Status to Ukrainians forced to flee. You can demand that your legislators and representatives act now: TPS Alliance Calls on Biden to Designate TPS for Ukraine

People migrate for many different reasons and, sadly, some of the larger migrations of people have been due to war and displacement. From Mexico to Afghanistan, Iran to Ukraine, we are now facing choices on how to act in response to state-sponsored violence and persecution. 

As we have since our founding, Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates will expend every available resource to extend humane welcome and paths to stability to refugees and victims of violence who brave unfair waters and unfriendly skies to find a safe port here in West Michigan. And we’ll be counting on you to invest in our ability to meet modern tragedy with timeless kindness.

Post Author: David Lee

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