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Patrick Lyoya, 26, father of two, Congolese immigrant and refugee, was killed by a police officer on Monday, April 4th, 2022, near the corner of Griggs and Nelson in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates (LIA) grieves this tragic and unnecessary loss of life and we stand with Partrick’s family and community in their demand for answers and call for action. 

Patrick and his family were admitted to the United States from the Democratic Republic of  Congo as refugees, seeking asylum and safety from state-sponsored violence and threats of torture and suffering. They believed they were finally safe having made it to the United States.  

Trauma and terror have been an inescapable part of life for Patrick’s family, who fled the war in their home country and now have to face this horrible reality in a society with its own ongoing narrative of trauma that people of color experience.   

LIA stands in solidarity with Patrick’s family and the community demanding justice, transparency, and accountability for this death. We stand for transparency from the police and we do not support privileged treatment for police officers and others in positions of power. NO ONE should be excluded from or given preferential treatment within our justice system. LIA condemns the mistreatment, brutalization and killing of unarmed black and brown people.  

DO NOT LOOK AWAY! Change will occur as long as we choose to stay focused and keep our attention and energy fixed on the present reality and its consequences. 

Take action today:

  1. Donate to the funeral expenses through the family’s GoFundMe Page
  2. Sign a petition and send a letter to support the family’s demands for justice and accountability
  3. Know your rights while protesting:

There are other planned activities and ways to support Patrick’s family and the community in this fight for accountability, which can be found on the news and social media websites.

We know these immediate actions are vital as we continue to address our community’s systemic racial, social, and economic injustices. 

With heavy hearts, from your fellow advocates at Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates.

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