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While most immigration law offices focus exclusively on legal services, Lighthouse offers a unique service model that includes holistic case management, community education, and advocacy.   

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Lighthouse believes that everyone is entitled to low-cost, high-quality immigration legal services.

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Need immigration help? Want to support our work? Reach out today - we want to hear from you!


LIA believes that grassroots advocacy is the foundation for community-wide change.


Community education creates the foundation for informed advocacy efforts.

Our Mission

Bringing stability to West Michigan families and communities through legal services, advocacy, and education.

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    If you have a question for our legal services team, please call our office directly at (616) 298-8984. We will not respond to legal questions asked through our website.

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    This September and October, we are focused on empowering our community to take action for immigrants and refugees in West Michigan. Share your story, reflect, learn, and help build financial resources to fund high-quality legal services.

    Every. Story. Matters. Join Us.